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The History Of Boulder City, Nevada, The Town Built For The Workers Of Hoover Dam

Boulder City was established in 1931 by the federal government after it saw the need to house workers who were contracted to build the Hoover Dam. The land where the city was founded used to be a harsh environment and was nothing but a barren desert in 1928.

When the dam’s construction was authorized by Congress on the Colorado river in Black Canyon, the latter didn’t have ample facilities to accommodate the workers. Even Las Vegas, which was the nearest city, didn’t seem like a good option since it was 33 miles away. Given the size of the needed workforce to complete the project and the estimated duration for its full completiaon, the government decided that building an entire city was necessary.

Camp Number One

August 1930 marked the time when Government Survey Camp Number One was established. The location was near the proposed town site which was intended for housing the surveyors and engineers while they were doing preliminary work. News about the project quickly spread and reached thousands of Americans who decided to move into Las Vegas with the hope of getting jobs. With the sole dream of earning a living, these workers stood by their decision to move in a place where there’s no guarantee of work, food and shelter.

A Model Community

Boulder City is unique in the sense that it is a great example click here of a town and model community that has been fully planned under the supervision of the government. The planning contract was awarded to Saco Rienk de Boer, a Dutch-born urban architect who also planned for Denver, Colorado. Incidentally, he was also contracted to design a number of towns and suburbs that surround the Rocky Mountain region.

The Emergence Of Squatter’s Camps

Government Survey Camp Number One, which was previously mentioned, became known as McKeeversville, the name of which was inspired by the government cook who lived on the site together with his family. Soon, a number of squatter’s camps had mushroomed around the future location of Boulder City. There was also another camp that was established down by the river despite the intense heat found in the area. Later on, the place earned quite a few monikers such as Ragtown and Hell’s Hole before it was officially called Williamsville. The name was inspired by Claude Williams who was hired by the government to keep an eye on what’s happening around the area.

The Incorporation Ceremony

Boulder City was formally incorporated in a ceremony that occurred on January 4, 1960. The event also marked the city council’s selection of pharmacist Robert N. Broadbent who became the town’s first mayor. Today, Boulder City is one of only two places in Nevada that prohibits gambling. The other town is known as Panaca. Although it is considered as the largest city in Nevada and the 35th largest in the nation because of its land area that measures up to 208.6 square miles, Boulder City has a low density rate of around 72 people in every square mile. The latest record shows that Boulder city now has a population of almost 16,000 people.


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